Worship Ministry
The principle function of the Worship Ministry is to work together with the leadership in love; helping to train, organize and assign workers for worship services and all special events at Church and other places where Church activities are held. Men in the Church are organized and trained to serve in all devotional services of the Church and special events. It is the overall goal of the Worship Ministry to provide the best worship service possible for every member. It is our desire for all members to be taught and trained on how to serve and worship God properly.

Mission Ministry
The principle function of the Mission Ministry is to help spread the good news to foreign places as well as at home. Also, help in any way possible those struggling congregations at home and abroad that are striving to grow. The overall goal of the Mission Ministry is to help spread the gospel locally as well as foreign countries by supporting new works and helping old works be revived.

Faith Based Outreach Ministry
The principle function of Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI) is to reach more souls by reaching out into the community to help improve people’s lives and improve the community through the creation of programs that will cater to families, especially single parents and children. The overall goal of NCI is to help families and children live better lives and get them to become more interested in the Church and become more concerned about the welfare of their community.

Evangelism Ministries


The Evangelism Ministry principle function is to work together in love helping the congregation fulfill the great commission of saving souls and helping souls stay saved.  This is the main work of the Church (Mt. 28:19-20; Mk. 16:15-16). The ministry’s mission is to lead the congregation in carrying out the great commission that Jesus gave to us that is saving souls and helping souls stay saved. The overall goal of the Evangelism Ministry is to teach and train members to teach one-on-one Bible studies and help the lost be saved and to follow up with all members that are baptized until they become mature Christians.

Bible Correspondence Ministry/Television Program Ministry
The Bible Correspondence and the Television Program Ministries are tools used to aid in the Evangelism Ministry. There are 5 lessons within the Bible Correspondence Course that is open and free to anyone. The lessons are mailed one at a time to interested parties. At the end of the course a certificate is given. Many of the correspondence students have been baptized as a result of completing the course. The Television Program airs every Sunday morning at 6:00am on Fox 30. This program has been on the air for over 30 years and has been a great tool in leading people to Jesus.

Baptism Ministry
The principle function of the Baptism Ministry is to assist the Evangelism Ministry in preparing prospects for baptism with love and care. The workers are to keep the baptism room and garments are to be kept clean. The overall goal of the Baptism Ministry is to assist all prospects in preparation for baptism when they decide to put on Christ in baptism. We want help make their transition into a new life in Christ a pleasant experience.