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A plea from the Administrative Assistant:

I humbly ask for your cooperation. The participation of online giving has grown. The data entry process on my end of the online transactions can be tedious or efficient based on how you complete your end of the transaction. I would prefer an efficient process. I have created a guide (pictured below) in hopes that you will consider following it.

Some of you are
inserting your Member ID Number and/or your name in the note section. That is unnecessary except in the situation where you are submitting funds on behalf of someone else. In such a scenario, insert the person's name in the note section so that I know the funds should be credited towards their giving statement and not your giving statement. Giving statements are provided to those who request them at the end of the year for tax-related purposes.

your first AND last name are entered into the correct fields under the settings section of the online payment app you are using, there is no need to insert your name in the note section.

**Exception: if you know that there is someone at our congregation who has the same name as you, then please differentiate yourself by inserting your Member ID Number in the note section; however, it appears that we do not have the same name situation among those of you who use online payment apps.

reserve the note section to inform me of how to divide your total amount among the various ministries using the abbreviations below. Do not include emojis, do not include endearing messages such as “God bless” or any other text. I simply need to know how you intend to divide your total amount.

If you fail to use the abbreviations below or I can not interpret what you type in the note section, your entire amount will be applied towards the General Collection account. I can no longer extend the courtesy of calling, texting, and emailing people trying to figure out how they intend to divide their funds.

Lastly, some of you (in the note section) are simply
typing the phrase “tithe and offering”. The Northside CoC finance office defines a tithe as a regular contribution of an amount that you have “purposed in your heart to give, not grudgingly or of necessity”. It is used primarily for the daily upkeep of our worship building (paying the bills) and is housed in the General Collection account. An offering is defined as an amount of funding donated voluntarily, above and beyond your regular contribution, for a specific and special use and it is housed in the appropriate ministry account.

If you do not make it clear what you mean by “offering” (using the abbreviations below), your total amount will be applied to the General Collection account.

Abbreviations include, but are not limited to:

GEN = General Collection (tithe or contribution)
SS = Sunday School Donation
TV = TV/Media Ministry Donation
TD = Total Day (building fund, homecoming activities, and end of year budget balancing)
FF = Family Fund Donation
FFL = Family Fund Loan Payment
YM = Youth Ministry Donation
S2S = Sister To Sister Donation
TPII = Total Praise II Donation
MM = Mission Ministry Donation
SC = Summer Camp Donation
NCI = Northside Community Involvement, Inc. Donations

NOTE: The issues addressed above are primarily happening on Cash App, although the information is of good use for PayPal users also.