Because payment apps charge service fees, it is strongly encouraged that you consider using your banking institution's version of what some call Bill Pay (your bank/credit union may call it Web Pay or something else). It is a FREE service both to you and to the church. Please call or visit your banking institution to receive help in getting this free service set up.

In the most simple explanation, you give your banking institution permission to mail a check to Northside on your behalf. Please remember that the process is exactly the same as if you yourself mailed a check to the church. That check needs time to make it through the United States Postal Service system, time for us to receive it in the mail, open it, and then cash it. It is not an instantwithdrawal transaction. With that being stated, if you chose to use your financial institution's free service, please track your spending closely as not to cause an overdraft situation (NSF = non-sufficient funds) resulting in bank fees.

**Please be certain to notate how you would like your total amount divided between the various ministries. The memo section in PayPal, Cash App, or Bill Payer is only 32 characters or less; therefore, use the following abbreviations with the dollar amount and a semicolon to separate the categories. 

GEN = General Collection (tithe)
SS = Sunday School
TV = TV Ministry
TD = Total Day
FF = Family Fund Donation
FFL = Family Fund Loan Payment
YM = Youth Ministry
NCI = Northside Community Involvement, Inc.

MM = Mission Ministry

Example: Your total contribution amount is $100.00 and you want to divide it among a few ministries. Your note section should look like the following:

GEN $50; SS $5; TV $10;  TD $20; NCI $15